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State Inspection


AUTO TECH is a state certified inspection station. We are certified for administering state inspections as well as having been certified to perform state emission repairs.

Call us for an appointment to have your car inspected.

Have you failed inspection? We are certified to repair and re-inspect your car.

Emission Repair Facility


Your vehicle's emission control system consists of a number of different components such as:
Air Pump, Catalytic Converter, Check Engine Light, EGR, Emission Sensors, Evaporative System, Filters, Gas Cap, Oxygen Sensors and Vacuum System.

The best way to keep your vehicle environmentally friendly is by performing regularly scheduled maintenance, rather than waiting to correct a problem after your car fails an emissions test. If the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or CHECK ENGINE light appears, have it checked out immediately.

Check Engine Light


If your light is on give us a call.

An orange indicator light labeled CHECK ENGINE or SERVICE ENGINE SOON, it's also known as the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp). The importance and function of this light became more critical starting in 1996, when the second generation of onboard diagnostics, known as OBDII, became standard equipment on all makes and models of cars.




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