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Q: I hear an intermittent noise from the front of my car, Do I need to worry about it?
A: Every noise should be checked by a qualified technician. Use your best judgement, if it sounds bad, get it checked right away. Quick action on a problem can many times save you money.

Q: I have a leak under my car. How can I tell what is leaking?
A: The coloring of the liquid (for the most part) identifies the type of liquid. Coolant Fluid is orange or green, Engine fluid is Brown or Black, Trans Fluid is Red or Pink, Power Steering Fluid is Light Brown. Depending on the fluid could mean trouble.

Q: When should I rotate my tires?
A: Rotating your tires should be done every 6,000-9,000 miles. This will ensure proper wear and extend the life of your tires while keeping your safe.

Q: My Check Engine light comes on, what should I do?
A: When you first start your car, all the dashboard lights will come on as a safety test. These lights will go off when the test is complete. If the Check Engine light comes on after a test or sometime later, you need to have your car checked. The Check Engine light is a warning from the on-board computer system. It could be a simple problem to fix, left alone it may become major. Do not ignore this light!

Q: What dashboard lights should I worry about and which are just precautions?
A: Every dashboard light is responsible for notifying the owner of issues that need to be addressed. If any of the following lights are lit you need to have your vehicle looked at: Engine Light, Oil light, ABS light, Traction light, Tire Pressure light.

Q: Why are there different types of oils?
A: Synthetic oils are premium, high concentrated lubricants. They are for all vehicles and provide higher mileage. Regular oil works just as well when it is changed on a regular basis (every 3,000 miles).

Q: With the change of the seasons and the temperatures, do I need to have my car checked?
A: It is a good idea to have your coolant checked to determine its freezing and boiling points to verify whether it needs to be changed. Have your air conditioner tested before the summer heats up. 

Q: Does my factory warranty remain in effect when you service my car?
Absolutely! You receive the exact same coverage.

Q: Are you able to service a car as well as a dealership?
Actually we believe we do a better job. For example, you will NEVER wait weeks for an appointment. In the event of an emergency for our valued customers, we offer priority service. Does a light bulb need changing? We will fit you in the same day!

Q: Will you let me know when I need my next service?
Yes. We place a sticker on your windshield, which will let you know when your vehicle is due for its next service.

Q: Can you lend me a car while mine is being serviced?
We do not offer loaner cars. We can arrange for a Rental car for our customer's convenience.

Q: Do you offer any warranty?
Yes. All service work is covered by our exclusive 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty!

Q: What types of payments do you accept?
At the completion of services, payments can be made with your check, Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard or cash.

Q: Do you give free estimates?
Yes, we offer free estimates on all vehicle repairs. Call us to set up an estimate appointment at (732) 341-4466.


We will be glad to answer any of your inquiries or worries.
Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.


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